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One of the most important components of your wedding is definitely the wedding photography! What good is a wedding if you can’t remember all those special moments, not just with you and your partner, but the family, friends, kids and animals too? If you are celebrating that special day in New York it makes perfect sense to invest in one of the stars of New York Wedding Photography.

It’s worth noting that not all event photographers make this type of money, although most do provided they’re very professional. Event photography software helps them to take and manage professional event photos.

Use light intelligently: Light is the essence of photography, but more so in B&W. Use the available light intelligently. I prefer to use natural light as much as possible, but in the absence of natural lights, I fine soft over head lights to be a better source of illumination that a flash light.

If you have already pushed your Ronald Reagan Building DC meeting photographers skills with your existing camera, then you must already have an design plan on what you desire to shoot. Hence, buy things that are related to your preferred subject. You can have the top of the class telephoto lens or macro lens & flash ring if you’re into macro shots.

Pay Attention to the Light – Now don’t go looking at the sun, but do look at how the light is playing around your subject. Is it an overcast day or is it blindingly bright. How to the shadows fall over your subject or are there any shadows at all? Is your subject squinting? Can you see your subject; meaning is the sun in front of or behind? Harsh light can bring out bold colors, while indirect light can make your focus soft. Paying attention to your light source is probably the number one for success when passing on beginning event photography tips.

In order to take quality pictures you can choose the image format found in most DSLR. JPEG is sort of a compressed and processed raw data of the image. As it is a compressed format, every time it is copied and saved, it looses certain details. RAW on the other hand is the image in raw data. Size of the file tends to be bigger so you need to have a large size of memory card. However with the latter you must use a special application / program to view your files (different program/plug-in for different camera brand).

Whatever you do, don’t become discouraged. This sounds like a lot of work – and it is, but won’t it be worth it when you turn in that letter of resignation at your day job?