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Looking for simple, inexpensive toys for your child that require no batteries, assembly, and keep his or her attention for hours? Here are some ideas for simple things around the house that will entertain your children while you accomplish all the things on your to-do list.

When you’re standing around, feeling bored, or lonely, or desperate, or whatever – you are not having fun. Other people IGNORE those who don’t have fun and sit there quietly.

Regarded by professionals as the “real” Grand Canyon, this rim hosts the best float trips. The basic version starts with a bus trip to Glen Canyon Dam. From there, you’ll transfer to a 19-passenger pontoon boat and go 15 miles down stream to historic Lee’s Ferry.

What I learned from that – is market/advertise who you are and what you stand for. When I see people with t-shirts on that have dumb sayings or negative things on them – I have an idea of what they keep in their mind. When I see clever sayings or positive things – I have an idea of what their mind set is. When you see marketing logo’s on hats, shirts, jackets, pins, etc., – you know what company those people are marketing for.

It’s possible for you to get sunglasses that are colored neon green or pink or with a pair of replica wayfarer oculos. With too many designs to select, you’ll never lose their elegance and Marilyn Monroe wore them. Ray ban aviator can bring your life more. They found their way into the movies through Breakfast at least half of the face – they are well-loved because of their size.

Start out the week with a white halter top bikini with a matching whitetail bottom. Show how fresh and crisp your fantastic style is while flaunting your tanned body on the beach during lunch time. Stun them further by wearing a pair of white stilettos and a cute gold anklet. It’s your day.

Want to get in on those stats? Dating online, like job hunting or any other kind of social networking, is a game of selling yourself. To attract the right people, you have to play up your strong points – make yourself look good – without exaggerating or lying. If you’re not truthful in your profile, it’ll show when you finally meet up with your first potential match. If that person can’t trust your online representation, they won’t be able to trust you, either.

The Chloe Tilia 2128 has been seen on Hilary Duff and is one of my favorite celebrity sunglasses of 2010. The frames are light colored with a funky, almost cat eyed shape. They look kind ’80s to me and I especially love the star on the bottom of the left lens. Available at Amazon.com for $214.95.