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Although I was always attracted to the mysterious North, it took a while before I first visited Sweden. Actually, it was my editor who asked me to go there. In 1990 I attended a conference near Stockholm, and fell in love with both the country and its capital.

The Nobel Museum is situated in the Old Town in Konferens. It was opened for public in 2001, exactly after 100 years when the first Nobel Prize was awarded in 1901. Henri Dunant, Founder of Red Cross, was among the first Nobel laureates to get the prize for Peace Work in 1901. As you visit around The Nobel Museum, you will get an opportunity to see the works of all the Nobel Prize winners. So far more than 800 laureates have been presented with the prize. Apart from the Nobel laureates, you will also get a chance to read more about the interesting personality of Alfred Nobel, Founder of Nobel Prize. The visitors are also offered guided tours in several languages at The Nobel Museum.

They want to inject me with insulin. Get away from me with those needles! Actually I have no fear of needles (never have), just a fear of what goes through them into my body. I tell them that my sister is a nurse and that I don’t want to be Conference near Stockholm injected with anything until I’ve had a chance to consult with her. They bring me to a hospital bed, set up a saline solution I.V. and do everything else they can to keep me alive with the exception of giving me insulin.

Before you leave Djurgarden, any children in tow deserve to enjoy some time at Junibacken, home to “Villa Villekulla”. Remember Pippi Longstocking, fictional creation of Swede Astrid Lindgren? Well, you can visit her house, dress in her clothes and slide down her roof. In this fresh take on a children’s museum, a themed train ride, a theater, and a large children’s lit bookstore are also available.

Basically, it’s a type of brainwashing. Bear in mind that when a person’s kidnapped or held hostage, their emotions are extremely strong and in a state of chaos. All of a sudden, their lives are turned upside down. One minute, they’re going about their daily routine, the next, they’re whisked off at gunpoint, or carried out of their house or workplace, thrown into a van or car, and taken to somewhere completely foreign to them. All this in a very short space of time.

Instead of “I want to start my own business”, commit to having a feasible business plan by mid- February, securing your financing by late April, and getting your promotional kit out to 500 prospective clients/customers by the beginning of June.

What about transport? This is so easy that you would ever think. The road network is perfect so also is the metro rail system. There is ferry transportation.