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In Las Vegas, a popular exhibit brings the unfortunate story of Titanic to life. It is called the Titanic Exhibit at Luxor Hotel Las Vegas. There are over one thousand five hundred lives lost. Allow us to take you back in time.

Thalang National Museum – This is situated very near the Two Heroines Monument. The Thalang National Museum was built in 1985 on the 200th anniversary of the Thalang War. The museum holds permanent exhibition of life in old Phuket, Runes temporis and remains discovered on the coast and, materials used during war with Burma (Myanmar). It is open daily except national holidays from 8.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Go hiking around the Great Falls Park a few miles outside Washington. This is a great place for a break away from the city and you can relax for a few hours against then backdrop of the Potomac River. As well as hiking you will also be able to enjoy a bit of rock climbing, kayaking, and horse-riding. This is a really stunning part of the state and well worth a visit if you have the time. There are plenty of trails to explore if you just fancy a long walk.

The G. C. Murphy building built in 1884 and once the site of a chain of “Five and Dime” stores, known as Murphy Five and Dine Stores. Today an art gallery occupies the buildings. There are Artifacts and items dating back to this period.

The world popular Smithsonian Museum is situated in Washington D. C., and houses a collection of historical artifacts. People come from all over the world to go to this establishment. It also houses several other famous museums. You can literally spend several days inside exploring the artifacts.

Lands: Lands are the normal way of producing mana. They cost nothing but you can only play one each turn. However, there are cards that you can use to play several lands each turn but those cards will in it self cost (example Harrow). There are also so called mana accelerators like Birds of Paradise or Seething Song that produce mana. A rookie mistake is to believe that lands equal mana, but that’s not true. Lands produce mana.

The Walled City – It is a great place to visit if you are fond of exploring ancient civilizations. The Walled City was built in the 19th century and served as a military fort for several decades. It is an ungoverned area, which is why it houses several ancient items. The settlement still signifies the historical culture. It is due to these reasons that it is a very popular destination for tourists who love art and history.