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Yes, you definitely will come across brick walls which you think you will never get over. Have patience, give it time and I feel sure you will get the results you want.

The British had a concept of martial and non martial races in India.Thus after seeing the Sikhs battle them in the Anglo Sikh wars they had formed a high opinion of Sikhs as soldiers and accordingly graded them as a martial race. One may or may not agree with the concept of a martial race, but there is no doubt that certain races have faced the brunt of invasions more than others and are thus more ready to join battle in any environment. The Sikhs is one such race.

It was also simply called the Army Admit Card. Till Independence of India this was a part of the British Army. They took part in many of the wars in which the British government was involved including the Abyssinian Expedition.

MHOW was a major railway division during the British Raj.But after independence the stock and facilities were shifted to Ratlam and Ajmer. However its importance to the join indian army has grown manifold as it has become one of the most important training centers of the join indian army. The Army war college, School of Infantry and the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering are institutes that command a name in the join indian army. In addition MHOW boasts of one of the oldest Military clubs in India with a 18 hole golf course which again is a tribute to the British.

We Join Indian Army moved to Tagore Hospital Jalandhar. Doctor checked and told me, “You need to take two year medicine”. I medicine for two years without gap. But only slight pain removed. My legs had been dried.

Man Singh, like Billy the kid of the Wild West, is more of a legend now. He is almost treated as a demi-god by the local populace who remember him as a benevolent dacoit. He robbed the rich and gave to the poor. In this respect he was more of a robin hood. He was a Thakur by caste and took pride in this fact. But the dark side of this dacoit cannot be erased as he committed over a 150 murders and umpteen dacoities. He is also credited with killing 32 policemen. But in many a case he would give money to the policemans family who had died doing his call of duty against him. In that respect he was a unique dacoit.

The Raksha Mantri and the present Army chief have to clean the mess. The army is too precious an organization and its morale cannot be allowed to suffer. Thus the only recourse is to convene a court martial for General Deepak Kapoor. There is no other way.