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Has winter break turned your teen into a couch potato? Are you tired of hearing groans of boredom? Never fear. Here are the top 10 educational winter break activities for teens.

A true Christian is to follow the commands of the Bible, paying close attention not to twist verses out of context or claim things mean what they really don’t. One must interpret scripture in light of all other scripture. And one must learn to live for others.

Get your children involved. Around Christmas time, when your kids are passing out legalchristmascards.net to their classmates, drop a candy cane and a recipe card inside the envelope, and tell them that the recipe cards are for their parents or guardians.

Again, my Goblins deck cost me about 30 bucks. The only rares I had in it were my Goblin Chieftains which went for about $3 at the time. Yes, some great rares are dirt cheap.

After size and color, is paper weight. legal cards pads are made with 15 to 16 lb. paper and that\’s what 90% of the legal pads on the market are today. In fact, many of the price fighter brands like Universal or Office Advantage will have 15 lb. paper to offer even lower prices. For those who like their paper a premium quality, there is the 20 lb. paper option, and name brands like Ampad and Tops have options with this thicker paper which doesn\’t bleed through.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Uncommon cards, which you can pick up for 25 cents a piece, are just as numerous and even more powerful in some cases. In fact, you could build a budget deck with mostly common and uncommon cards and only need a handful of rare cards to fill it out.

By now, you know that a simple thank you card this Christmas is not as simple as it may seem. It means more than that. It is a token of thanksgiving and appreciation to everyone who had been part of your life and the Christmas season is the perfect time to let them know that. Let your creativity run its course and show off your knack at getting things done even with a meager budget.