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Are you retired, or planning to retire soon? Does cruising feature in your seniors travel plans? Then you have nothing but enjoyment and relaxation to look forward to. But before you go, do consider our senior cruise tips — they’ll help make sure you plan the trip of a lifetime.

In order to make you holiday planning even easier, make sure that the agent you choose is one who is a full service agency. A full service agency will not only work to get you the best cruise, help with your pre-cruise planning, and get onboard deals, but they will also work to get you the best airfare possible to and from your departure port.

You will also have loads of fun with the Variety Review Show, where the artists will really make you laugh your head off with their jokes, songs, puppet shows and humorous commentary. Don’t miss out the brilliant sights along the New River. The Captain of the Cruise will keep enlightening you with his witty observations about the attractive sights along the way.

For a first time cruises on lake Minnetonka MN experience, I would never recommend a luxury cruise line. Why? Well, first of all, it can be very expensive. And secondly, why spend all that money on an activity that you don’t even know yet if you’re going to like? Believe me, you can get a sense of what going on a cruise is all about on a less luxurious line. Start thinking Carnival Splendor, Holland America Eurodam and Emerald Princess.

When arriving at the pier, allow the porters to take your luggage and tip them (usually $1.00/piece is sufficient) so you don’t have to wrestle it on board. They will take it on board where it will be delivered to your stateroom. Make sure you keep important things, like medication, money, credit cards, a book to read, etc. in a carry on that you will keep with you when boarding as it may be several hours before your luggage arrives at your stateroom.

‘Pay ahead’ is even more important. Book your cruise far enough out (we generally book a year or more ahead) so that you can make payments on that cruise ahead. Make a concerted effort to pay a few hundred or more on the cruise each month. Because it is not a loan or charge account you can skip a month if the bills pile up unexpectedly one month. If you need more time, move your sail date out farther and better yet, if you find you can pay more than you thought, move your cruise closer. Paying ahead is nothing short of liberating!

Caribbean cruises, particularly the better ones, will fill up quickly, so this is one holiday that you really have to book well in advance. A year in advance is not too early. I like to book my Caribbean cruise a year in advance, but put my name down for any last minute cancellations, in case I can pick up a bargain.