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Whether it is in their offices or their homes, very often many people place their Bamboo Feng Shui plants at the wrong places. Unknown to them, not only could they have downgraded their own Feng Shui “Qi” status instantly because of this, they could have also killed their lovely Bamboo Feng Shui plants which suppose to be there to help enhance their Feng Shui in the first place.

Protection – Again, protection is a relative term. You can also use protection symbols to use against spirits or entities that do not belong in your space or from general negative energy that may affect your health or well-being. Some of the symbols are as given below.

Open the windows in your bedroom frequently to let the good air and energy to enter into your room and bad energy to escape to the outside. Remember to open your windows wide to allow air to be purified and keep the air in your bedroom fresh and full of oxygen. From a feng shui perspective, you cannot have good Feng Shui Items for Good Luck in your bedroom if the air you breathe in your bedroom is stale and full of pollutants.

Use the flip coin method. Think about the number, and flip your coin. The head will be a yes and feng shui items the tail will be a no. When it laid flat on the ground, you will know if it is a winning number or not. Double or triple check it to be sure.

The corners in your home are instant “Chi blockers.” You need corners in your house, of course, but there are things that you can do to keep that chi moving instead of being trapped. Hummel suggests putting small indoor water fountain, wind chimes, or plants in many of your corners.

Purple sits under the element of “Huo” (Fire). Lynette is born in a hot summer month, so she has to stay away from this element for purple will affect her mood adversely.

Feng Shui is a theory that has gained wide use in America. Even if you are skeptical about its principles, in our case, Feng Shui provides many options at your home to set up your kids’ rooms or desks. There is surely no harm in trying something new to start the new school year. Good luck!