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What would we do without the blender? No more smoothies or fancy drinks and no easy way to create pureed foods for both variety in the kitchen and special diets in the hospital. There would even be limits on scientific research as the blender is an important tool in the laboratory, used by such scientists as Jonas Salk in his search for the answer to polio.

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Furthermore, there just isn’t anything around the hotel. Yes, there is shopping… But not the tupe of touristy shopping that a person wants to do while on vacation. Rather than cute shoppes, you’ve got Barnes & Noble complete with a Starbucks, Toys R Us and a couple of other American stores. Why would I travel all the way to England just to go to a store that I can visit at home?

The bathroom was a nice size with a deep bathtub and shower, toilet, towel racks, robe hooks, granite vanity and sink. The hair dryer is provided as well, which was very convenient. The water pressure was not as hard as I would have liked it, but definitely hot.

When the user turns on the pump it runs until hot water reaches the fixture and then the pump automatically shuts off. The cold water line does not end up full of warm water.

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Before you check out of the hotel, take everything out of your suitcase and check everything carefully for bed bugs. Spray a water-based insect killer in your suitcase before re-pacing it.

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