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We’re a sports family. My husband and I were both athletes when we were younger (much younger!). In having three sons the thump of bouncing balls, the swish of bats and basketball nets have been a constant in our home for almost two decades. We love to watch our boys play in whatever sport each particular season brings.

On Twitter you are developing relationships in “real time” and directly and indirectly inviting others into “the conversation”. And, as you know, people have an alarm that goes off (usually) when someone has gone into “sales mode” or are forcing an agenda on them. And most good marketers know, that it is not until “trust” is established that the process can proceed in a win-win. That, just to say, if you want to “network” on Twitter, you need to be trustworthy… and how can anyone trust you when your not being “you”?

American Idol will return to Channel 10 in Tempe in January, but Steven Tyler being engaged is making news this week. On Wednesday, Fox News reported that the singer and reality series judge is now engaged to his long time girlfriend Erin Brady. The woman was spotted wearing an engagement ring while the two were vacationing over Christmas.

His clothes were neatly folded and stacked on a chair in the emergency room. We gathered his things, said our final goodbyes and left the way we came. Suitably, the room where Dad lay was very dimly lit and a gray pallor hung low over Dad’s bed. He looked good; he still looked good. He had regained his weight since the bout with pneumonia and his barrel chest swelled the sheet they had pulled over him. He was still freshly manicured from his trip into town this morning; he was a presence to be reckoned with, even in his silent death.

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As for Japan, after Darvish settled down, they did a good job against Korea from a pitching perspective, until the debacle of the eighth inning, when they walked in a run and pushed the game even further out of reach.

Watanabe couldn’t quite corral his breaking ball, and walked Big Boy to face Jin-young Lee. Watanabe also fell behind the second Lee, 3-1, before walking him, too. Taek-keun Lee came in to pinch-run for Big Boy.

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