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Charlie Sheen and the producers of Two And A Half Men, unable to ignore the riches of another season, will ultimately reconcile. The latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie will bomb. The Mets will not make the playoffs. President Obama will win the Democratic primaries. I will pay more in health insurance, not less. Check back and see if I’m right on these. I’m pretty confident.

Branding gets a big push with constant display of your logo and possibly your USP on the app. Think about it: Your logo is on their phone 24 hours a day! As long as your branding is clear, they get a reminder of who you are nearly every time they pick up their phone. Plus, you can push this branding more with Push Notifications.

Dropbox – In order to avoid the risk of losing files on a hard drive or thumb drive my business has started using Dropbox. Dropbox allows me to upload files and share them with specific staff members. Not everyone has or needs access to every file. I no longer have to carry client folders with me or worry about getting a phone call and not having their information handy. Dropbox allows me to view the files on my phone. There are various other file management apps you can download.

The perfect aplicativo de celular are ones that have a high engagement value. They aren’t boring and you first need to get an idea about their engagement quotient from their screen shots. If the screen shots look appealing, there is a good chance that they are engaging.

What’s good about this Mobile App is its usability outside the home. You can use the app to browse and add songs to your friend’s DJ playlist. You can also vote or add songs in a party.

When caller ID comes to mind, you not only get to see who is calling and their number; you get so much more. You also get to see things like your contact’s social network status and birthday. With this feature of the HTC Wildfire, you get to know more about what your friends and family are up to.

These are all great iPod touch apps, which are very useful in everyday life. Users are able to do a variety of things using the various apps. It is a great technological tool that can be used to its fullest capacity. All apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

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