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These 7 easy home businesses are for you – that is, if you enjoy cruising down the Nile in the moonlight, gazing at the Alps from your sidewalk cafe, or falling hopelessly in love in Venice.

As you sail along you will enjoy relics from the distant past, as well as tourist stops that enable you to walk the lands. In Egypt people typically live in the same way they had lived in biblical times. You will see mud-brick houses and fields along your journey. The fields will have men who use donkeys or wooden plows busy at work.

The moment you step into the cruise, you would feel the difference. Apart from the warm welcome that you receive, you would also get plenty of assistance from the crew members. They would show you the way to your suite, which is indeed very luxurious with spacious bedrooms and washrooms along with a balcony, so that you can enjoy the real beauty of the sea. In addition to that, the range of food that you would get from these luxury cruises is also something that you would simply fall in love with here.

This city, however, remained buried under the desert sands until an excavation in the mid 19th century uncovered it. It is an ancient site that is worth a visit.

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The first stop on the trip is the New Zealand town of Tauranga. It lies in the northern Bay of Plenty and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. If you can time your trip right, the city hosts the National Jazz Festival every Easter. The festival has dozens of bands that are accompanied by vendors selling exotic foods and wines.

Book a Carnival 2 day cruise early since these types of cruises are popular and fill up quickly. Generally the times of year that short cruises are offered are in the spring and summer. Dress is mainly casual for short cruises but you may have to dress formal for the dining room. If you’re a regular cruiser, you may want to take a short cruise between longer cruises. If you’re a new cruiser, then you may be able to see one or two destinations on a mini or short cruise. You won’t need to worry about lots of luggage or being away to long. It’s best not to try to do too many things on a short cruise so you don’t become overwhelmed.