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A landing page is a web page on your web site, where a visitor enters your site. This could be the home page in most cases, but also sub pages in others. For example, when you search for a specific news item on Google.com, clicking on the results, you are taken to an authority news site like CNN.com but instead of entering CNN.com on the homepage, you directly visit the page associated to the news item you searched for. So in this case, this current page is the landing page, associated with your visit, in accordance to the news item you searched for.

Always know everything about your niche. You should always research your forum niche and get to know it very well. Pay close attention to the past, present and future of the niche and be the one to always know the answer. If you have a forum where you can give any sort of advice on the niche, then you have a forum that will interest people to want to join and be active on. The best way to research your niche is other forums and seeing what hot topics people are discussing, what the worst problems are and how they are fixed and what could be improved. You should also pay attention to any official websites, news sites, articles, reviews and etc. related to the niche as well. The more you know about your topic, the more resources you can provide to your community.

Let’s go back to the censorship example. Suppose in your web crawling you come across a group called the FFF, Freethinkers For Freelove (another made-up group), and you find that they’re energetic in combatting censorship, even if you don’t agree with their entire platform. You don’t have to join their group nor send money in order to sign up for action alerts. An email action alert might read something along the lines of “Please write your Congressperson and tell him/her that you oppose H.R. 666”. Then the alert would explain the bill and you would have the option of signing on. Often the letter is already written for you and you may need only enter your zip code and then the message will be sent as an email to your specific Congressperson. You likely have the option of adding your own commentary.

Themes are templates (or layouts) that you can apply to your WordPress website to change the look and feel of it. You will never run short of themes when using WordPress. If you don’t like the themes that come with the default installation of WordPress, you can download different ones from this site. You will find hundreds of free themes on this web site that you can download and use for free. There are themes which can also make your website look like a Famosas, a personal blog, or a photo gallery.

There are many organisations keen to ‘consolidate your debt’ or give you ‘money for your home’ and even give you ‘no win, no fee’ legal support! These companies are clearly able to capitalise on the unstable economy and changes in public perceptions, so how can we do the same? Do you think the owners of these companies believe all of the negativity that is portrayed in the media?

One: You want to use RSS feed to get your domain blog-rolled but you first have to have the RSS in place. So if you don’t know how to put it in place than you need to learn how.

If your worst enemy was to poison your drink you would die. If your best friend accidently did the same it would make no difference if he was your best friend, you would still die from the poison.

Potion of Plunder – Allows you to sometimes find extra treasure from monsters in Pandaria. There is a whole list of ‘other stuff.’ These are actually not small by any means but I feel like if you want to fully understand what they are another Hub would be needed. Wow patch 4.3 gold, Know the Changes in Mists of Pandaria these include a new Pet Battle system, PvE Challenges, Dungeon Challenges and a completely new Talent System for all 11 character classes.