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This is in my opinion the worst mistake people make when planning their stag party, and what’s frustrating is that it’s so easy to avoid. I mean with taxis, limos and driver services, you’d hope that more people would just think and leave their ride at home. But much too often, people risk their lives to save a few bucks. Please, hire at least a limo service and ask your friends to split the cost with you, this way you’ll be able to party without having to worry about how you’re getting back home.

Or what about that seemingly ‘average’ guy who just happened to have a “bright idea” one day, and was somehow able to turn it into a million bucks! Was he just lucky or what?

You need to keep in mind to book Party Bus Rental Raleigh tours in advance. The competition is very tight and demand is high, so, it is highly advisable that you make limo bookings in advance. By doing so yields another benefit. Book in advance and book carefully. Always schedule your tours when it is the off-season for limo business, as the package rates will be relatively low then.

Melissa comes out and he dumps her on national TV and she awesomely calls him a bastard. Yay, Melissa! She also makes remarkably sane and rational comments, such as, “The second you start having doubts, you pull away. You put a ring on my finger – that’s forever! You work on it.” Jason then tells her about Molly and now she’s really mad, and rightfully so. She also says, “Getting engaged is a once in a lifetime thing and you took that from me.” Melissa is going to win some fans for that one. I’m actually sad for her and I hate myself for having a human emotion about this show. Good lord, Jen. Get a grip.

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Once you have decided on a style, postpone buying it off the rack immediately. Instead, look for similar styles in major department stores. Many department stores have a wedding section and carry a small line of wedding dresses for a much lower cost. Also look in the prom/formal sections for less expensive and more creative alternatives. A growing trend is to have a wedding dress full of color, as opposed to the traditional white of the past.

A limo does have the disadvantage of taking up a lot of space and may have hassles when it comes to parking, but on the flipside, it provides for a spacious means of travelling without having to put up with the space restrictions of normal cars. A limo is a must for a first prom date. Not that it means to say that any other car is not worth anything but a limo has the capacity to command respect in its own right. A limo is sure to get heads turning and people talking, and that will definitely be a plus point for someone hiring a limo.