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Image consultants show the way to a new look for people from all walks of life. The client experiences an enhanced self-image as a result of working with such a consultant. The symbol of the self is the mandala, according to Carl Jung. Therefore, the mandala is a symbol of our work.

The truth is that much of what we create and waste is done right at home. By rethinking the way we deal with things like throwing away garbage, we can make a strong and positive impact on the environmental consultants and engineers. Best of all, a lot of these steps are not only easy to do; they will save you money as well!

Unlike a psychotherapist, who may take years to work with you, an image environment consultant can achieve results in a matter of minutes or days. He can give you suggestions on wardrobe that you can immediately put into effect. The results and the transformation effected in your outer look are in some cases revolutionary.

In my view the best way of setting fee is based on the client’s perceived value. Yes, you can stick price tags on tasks and things, but they are still only prices.

At one point in our lives we all were in the environmental consultant phase of collecting our knowledge and we paid both for our schooling and our education. The older I get the more I realise the difference between the two, and the more I realise that educational institutes offer lots of the former and very little of the latter.

Creating a positive team environment necessitates you as a leader to make yourself available to the team members. Do not build a concrete wall around you. Let everyone, irrespective of his position and status, find it easy to approach you and speak to you. Let them feel that you are there for them. In one of the organizations where I worked, there was a culture of calling co-workers by their first names, irrespective of the position one held. This made it easy for people not to focus on seniority but to deal with one another harmoniously.

Conservation of environment is something you can do even when you’re on the go! For instance, rather than taking the car out just to go the nearby store, walk or take the bus instead. Get involved with car pools to get the kids to school or for getting to work. More and more people are also making the healthy and eco-friendly switch to bicycles as well. All of these tips may seem small but they are all incredibly effective and will have a positive and friendly impact on the environment.