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Has your mom had a really ruff week at work? Is your wife dealing with the daily stresses of life, be it work, children, or just because they are a stressor? Or maybe you know a special woman with a birthday, anniversary, or other holiday coming up? Then consider sending them a beautiful spa gift basket filled to the top with things to relax and pamper them with. Spa Gift Baskets are filled with wonderful products that help to relax and pamper any woman. They come filled with things such as massagers, bath oils, bath salts, lotions, massage oils and more.

These are an added feature for the swim spa, which is harnessed to your back with a safety belt that keeps you in place. With this you can swim and exercise in your swim spa and you don’t even need a pool.

A smaller type of hoc spa is going to have a capacity of about two hundred gallons of water. This is something that will work for a spa that is about seventy inches in diameter and thirty inches tall.

So, what kinds of things should you add to a bathroom if you want it to feel more like a online spa? Start with lighting. If you add a dimly lit chandelier to the middle of the room and turn the main light off, you will instantly feel more comfortable and relaxed. If you add a few candles to a new and improved vanity, this will also help set the mood. In addition, some other basic additions include new flooring, mirrors and lighter color paints to really enhance relaxation.

Keep the Cover Clear. After a heavy rain or snow storm, sweep any standing water or snow off the hot tub cover. A buildup of snow or puddles of water could bow the cover.

Consider the ways that music can elevate your mood. Background sounds that are calming and soothing will be a nice touch. Try something funky like jazz or maybe go a totally different angle and play the sounds of nature. Relaxing in your favourite chair with cucumbers on your eyes and a green olive mask will be benefited by the sounds of waterfalls and bird songs. Light a vanilla or rose scented candle to really sweep your senses away. The only danger is that you may be disappointed when it’s time to open your eyes and return to reality.

The spa should be clean. You would not want to have a massage on a dirty table or have massage stones put on your body which were covered with sweat from another person. Make sure the spa personnel follow meticulous hygiene procedures and cleaning staff keep the general massage area clean. This is one area where there is no room for mistakes. Your health and safety depend on clean, sanitary equipment and clean, dry floors. Do not settle for a spa that ignores the basic needs of its customers. Take all these factors into consideration when you are choosing a spa with massages for your regular use.