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One of the most prevalent issues home inspectors find are problems and modifications to the house electrical systems. Homeowners seem to find it necessary to make changes and add wiring where it does not currently exist. It amazes me that we do not hear of more electrocutions. I am going to explain how to safely inspect your own electrical systems and share what the red flags are when the home inspector comes to call.

Need to understand that you are a marketer. You are not a home inspector, you are marketing home inspections. Yea I know that you are a home inspection, however if you approach your business in that way you could be left behind. Marketing is the way that your business can grow, accept the fact that you need to be a marketer first. Always remember what you are marketing, yourself and your home inspections.

This run-through can take a few hours. After it is finished, you can expect a full written report detailing everything that you or the person you are buying a home from needs to know. You will pay the home inspector for their time, and they should be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the process, or the written report, afterward.

While plugged in the outlet wiggle the tester a little to see if the indicator lights blink on and off. This may indicate loose wiring or a worn receptacle.

To start off with, the company should have a reliable inspection vehicle. The vehicle should be clean and look good. If a company is professional they will want their vehicles to present this image. An obvious tool that professionals have is a flashlight, actually several of them. Ask if he has an extra one so you can get involved and see what they are looking for. They should not mind and they should welcome the fact that you are interested.

What’s his educational background? Does he keep up to date with the changes in the industry, including changing laws or codes? Does he have a background in home construction? Does he have a wealth of knowledge about building trades or remodeling? What did he do before becoming an inspector?

It takes a while to get your home inspection business going. No one wants to the first one to give your services a try. Understandable. To get you home inspection business going you will need to learn how to market yourself. This is not taught well in the programs I have seen.

The bottom line is that you should find your own home inspector. If your real estate agent discourages you from using your own inspector, or insists you use one of their “recommended” inspectors, then that agent is not looking out for your best interests. Remember, this may well be your home. Protect your investment. Find your own home inspector.