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Traditionally, learning guitar was only possible via face to face lessons, or through the use of often times dull music books. You may have experienced those outdated chord and song books that were both tiresome and frustrating. Fortunately with the advent of the internet, guitar learning has never been revolutionized forever. Never before has it been so affordable and fun to learn to play guitar.

The rhymes should be in a good timing order, e.g. 4/4, this means another 4 rhyme words after the first 4 rhyme words (life, wife, knife, strife/Pain, rain, no gain, struck my brain). A Wicked People reggae song cannot be 1/1, 3/3 or 5/5 it cannot rhyme. It should either be 2/2 or 4/4, but 4/4 is highly recommended by me.

It’s often been said that we better through seeing then doing. This is especially true when learning guitar. User based content video websites such as YouTube.com have led the way in free video training. It’s now possible to find free lessons on every conceivable aspect of guitar learning and practice.

The truth is, you need to not only know the words, you need to know how to share them with passion. It doesn’t matter if you are whispering, speaking or, singing. It doesn’t matter how many people are listening or how many memories are lost. It doesn’t matter if it is the National Anthem, your business presentation or your online song business presence. It should always be your best. You will want to be remembered for your best, not for what mistake you made or which verse you forgot. The passion will shine through in your confidence and in the way others perceive your footsteps. Your bank account will reflect how you followed the band, how you focused on your best performance yet, how your online business proves to others that not only does it work. It will work for them too.

First and foremost, you need to recognize the genre and then add meaning to the words accordingly. Next you need to choose the theme of the song, which you can relate to. A song writer can create a unique song only when he/she is able to express his feeling and emotions though the song. Songwriting is not just about playing with the words; rather it is a way of conveying your thoughts and emotions. While writing songs, you can use rhymes and choruses in alternating pattern. Next you need to focus on the musical backdrop that is essential for the song. Select instruments that you would like to use in the song. The musical instruments that you choose should be in tandem with the words of the song.

This one’s also known as an ABABCB structure, where A is the verse, B is the chorus and C is the bridge. This one’s extremely popular. Radiohead’s “High and Dry” is a good example of this song structure.

You can take every one of these items and make it better. No matter how many have been made before, it can always be made new with an added uniqueness. In order to avoid this concern you need to carve out your own niche with your own personality and uniqueness.

But look around, there are a few alternate sites around that don’t inundate the user with ads, have more accurate transcriptions, and avoid the legality issue by hosting outside of the USA. Turns out its only in the US that it is illegal to host a site containing song lyrics, and, for that matter, illegal to sing a long with your favourite song in some public places. Not that that stops either webmasters nor everyday people from doing either.