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So you’re moving and need to have your car there with you. The first idea most people have is driving it there themselves, but what if that’s not an option? What if you need to be at the new location faster than it would take you to drive there? What if there’s one of those pesky oceans in the way? How do you get your car there?

You can also use international shipping for your car if you are moving overseas. You will be sure that your car arrives safely and this is something that people have to do very often and this can make the process much easier. You will be able to concentrate on the move itself and not how your car is going to arrive.

Enclosed car carriers are usually reserved for high value, collectible, and exotic Car shipping Hawaii. This service costs more because of the equipment, amount of cars, and high cargo insurance needed to operate. These transport trailers are fully enclosed which makes damage from road debris virtually impossible. Also the trailers loading system tends to be much easier on the cars frame and body. These trailers have 1 or 2 deck levels to load vehicles. If you feel it is important to have your vehicle get the ultimate protection from any preventable damage, then this is the way to go. Transport price can be two times or more than that of regular open transport trailers.

The first thing to do is to determine your budget and then get a shipping quote. I usually get Car shipping quotes from five different companies before narrowing my options. If the destination you are shipping to is remote or out of the “common” routes, be prepared to pay a lot more. Common routes are frequently traveled destinations by car shipping companies usually major cities and ports. Some shipping quotes will indicate whether the shipping route is common or out of the way.

Free instant quotes from legitimate companies – Be smart and get free instant quotes because this will tell you if you are dealing with a legitimate company. It will also tell you an estimated price for hiring that particular company along with the services that company is offering you.

Proper insurance and licensing – The proper insurance and licensing is needed to protect you and your vehicle during transport. You never know when something will occur while it is being transported and you don’t want to be held accountable for it if you were not at fault. The right insurance and licensing is for everyone’s protection including the drivers.

Car tracking – a car tracking system is used so you can monitor your car while it is being transported. This gives you the security you need for your car as well as some peace of mind knowing that you yourself is monitoring your car as it is being moved.