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I attended a “Congratulations” supper final evening for Sam Lockwood. Sam’s been a client for a quantity of years and lately offered his boutique consulting practice to 1 of the “Big 5” consulting firms.

There was a extremely gifted visionary – allow’s call him Ted – who started a extremely successful service company. The achievement of the company prompted a bigger participant in the exact same business to purchase Ted’s company and provide him the function of President to ensure a smooth changeover.

I’m an avid reader of biographies and memoirs of effective people. I’m absolutely fascinated with what they went believed before they had been successful.

Sam is the 3rd individual I’ve been individually concerned with who’s sold his company for large sums of money. 1 thing they all shared-and this is accurate about every effective person I’ve ever satisfied.They had been prepared and intrigued in studying new issues.

You might believe of your self as a financial planner, Wendy Sellers, executive recruiter, coach-what ever. But suppose you’re wrong? Suppose you’re really a million-greenback business that could be attractive to a quantity of buyers?

You require to know which media is most promising for promoting your services, what your most effective revenue message and provide is.how to place your self towards your competition.

Only go to occasions with or sponsored by Big Mouths (refer to a-c over). My 3 favorite large mouths in St. Louis are: Karen Hoffman, Darlene Willman and Joe Higher. You’d kill for a peek into 1 of their databases. Each of these curious, generous big mouths (I say that with admiration) has a large networking occasion coming up. You ought to go. You should see professional networking in action. It’s inspiring.