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Do you want to become a nurse? Do you have the passion to serve and take care of the injured and sick when they need you? If you do, then I’m sure you know that you have to sit for the NCLEX PN exam after graduating from nursing school. This is the exam you need to pass to obtain your nurse certification and fulfill your dream of becoming a nurse.

To beat your stress, first what you need to do is acknowledge that the pressure is there. Only then can you overcome it. You need to ask yourself “How do I review for the NCLEX exam?” and come up with a study plan. This will help you see that you’re in control and give you more confidence in your NCLEX review.

Test-makers prefer to make questions in Geometry in many different forms and flavors. The basic concepts tested in this area come from: Angles & Triangles, Squares & Rectangles, Circles, Co-ordinate, and Solid Geometry. Even though advance questions require knowledge and practice with important concepts, the easier problems are often intuitive and aptitude based. In any given standardized Math test, about 20% to 40% of all questions are from the Geometry section. In SAT Exam, about 35% pf questions are from the Geometry. In the GMAT exam only 20% of all questions are Geometry problems.

Timing. Students who practice without timing themselves will have a huge problem. Even if your mental endurance and familiarity is where it needs to be, you will bomb on the test if you’re taking 4 minutes to answer each question. The Best SAT tutors offer full length practice exams which serve 2 purposes. They will allow you to pace yourself and practice efficiently while improving the speed of your work as well as the quality.

You know what I mean — during the time set aside for your CPA exam study, did you fully concentrate? Or did you check your email and Facebook before logging onto your practice test software? The quality is as important as quantity in terms of the time you put in for your CPA Best SAT Prep. I know it is boring, and now it will be worse since you have to re-study again — but this is the exact reason why you have to put in 100% effort to get rid of it, once and for all.

You can purchase either SAT study guide online at most retailers or online at places like Amazon. Knowing how your vocabulary is tested is vital to your performance on the exam. You should take the practice exams just like you would a real test, by following all the rules and timing issues exactly as they are stated in the book.

The test makers are not looking to make your job easy. Keep that in mind. If an answer looks completely obvious, never just pick that answer and move on. Always think it through, because it may be a trick. The only way to avoid these types of questions is to make sure that you carefully read every problem on the SAT or ACT exam, even the “easy” ones.

After breakfast, take out a test prep book and do the first two questions of each of the three sections. After a few easy math, writing, and sentence completion problems, you’ll realize your brain is still working and everything is going to be OK. Don’t check the answers….just do the problems. I don’t think the first problems you do on test day should be the real ones on the SAT exam.