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A lot has changed since the beginning of the web. When it all started out, pages were static and were nothing more than either a business card or basic information. Since that time a lot has changed. Websites are able to process orders, track air flights, change dynamically from information pushed and pulled from databases. All this sounds grand and like a lot of fun, but for businesses trying to gain more clients, how can this modern technology benefit Joe Business Owner. Here we explain the main factors that every good converting website should not be without.

I have web designers emailing me everyday hoping to add new stuff to their Free website. They need you and you need them. If I had to pay out of my own pocket I would have spent thousands of dollars. In the beginning I really didn’t have it. Fortunately for me money is not an issue right now but I still love saving where ever I can.

How your website is viewed in various browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.), how fast your website loads, and how your site appear on every computer screen are all design factors that makes the first impression to your customers, so weigh each option carefully.

Establishing an online portfolio is a fundamental skill which most successful online employees posses. A portfolio is either a website or just a page where you showcase what you can do.

Building a website can be a daunting task but once you build it step by step you will have a working knowledge of computers and the internet. It does take time and work, for me. It didn’t happen over night, you must be persistence! Keep working and you will succeed.

Making more friends is another way of getting a Free website promotion. Be friendlier to other webmasters and build a relationship with them. That way, you can ask them easily to make a link from and to your website.

First things first, you need to know HTML and CSS. Any good college will offer design courses that go over the fundamental elements in starting a website. I work better with hands on experience so I learned a lot from just doing it by myself compared to studying for it. This really depends on you and what works out best for how you learn.

There are so many option to make free money online fast, without the need to incur costs and invest a lot of money. The key is in looking for the right source of information.