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It is comical and sad at the same time when individuals and companies make their own website with products and services, propositions and promos to get the best attention from target audiences, and yet nothing is happening. Why hasn’t their website become a success?

You need a few things in place to grow this at maximum speed. First, you MUST have tracking software on your web site – most of the time it is free from your ISP. Make sure it tells you where your traffic is coming from.

Small business owners and marketing staff need to ask themselves, “Why do we have a search engines submit site, in the first place?” The answer is usually that you are interested in getting new clients to do something. You might want them to visit your store. You might want them to call you on the phone. Or, you could want them to sign up for an email list so you can send them promotions.

Why Web 2.0 marketing? Well, it makes sense for starters. Let’s look at a rundown of the general characteristics it is supposed to have. First, it’s interactive, which means that web pages are no longer static and they don’t take a million years to load anymore. They have applets, pop-ups, and wikis that actually let users play a game, get product information, and contact customer service quickly.

Put some order into your marketing and promotions. For instance, it helps to come up with an organized list of your contacts or connections, virtual and physical libraries where you target to see your books on their shelves, book forums you plan to join to earn promotional mileage, and similar stuff.

Second, it fosters user/consumer participation. Instead of just reading information and reviews posted on the websites, people can write their own reviews on Web 2.0 platforms. This gives the idea that rather than being plain promotions, these reviews are from people who actually used the product. Consumers don’t readily trust online promotions but if they actually wrote a review for a product, there’s no reason not to believe what others say about other products. Thus, there is instant trust online.

A well created web design acts as the face of the entire website and the organization as a whole which it is representing. A visitor of the website decided to stay, continue or exit from the page in the initial few seconds depending on the design. Hence, there’s no harm in saying that effective web 2.0 design is the supporting pillar of a successful online representation of any organization.