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We know it. You are extremely busy. You work your business day in and day out and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do it all. On the surface it all looks good. You are taking care of the normal things–marketing, client work, speaking engagements, networking, paying bills, and so forth. But, is it really going as smoothly as you think? What about the things lurking in the back-end which might not be as obvious? Is there anything happening behind the scenes costing you clients and money? Look for things you might not be aware of or just don’t have enough time to manage. It’s time to take a few minutes and do a “business check” to see if everything in your business is working as it should.

The bric countries are an engine for these markets. Downturns in the market can actually be a boon. It can be a good signal to buy in when markets dip. Everyone one who studies global markets knows that and up turn in the market is inevitable. It is smart investing to pick points. Bric etfs are fun. It is an ideal point to start investing over two years. By far China has the most potential over all world economic markets. Brazil is the second, and possibly the least corrupt. The largest risk for insider corruption in Russia. So do some investment research on daily financial news sites these funds. Smart investing pay off.

Ideally you shouldn’t do monthly as you want to post fresh information, but scheduling your Facebook posts and tweets a week in advanced is effective.

Where does that leave the rest of us who don’t have the wherewithall to operate on a Video scale? One thing you can do is to mix it up. Have videos, pictures and articles available on your site. But make sure that it is focused and on topic. Make sure to post as often as you can. When you are first developing your site, try to post daily, even several times daily to make the search engines acknowledge your presence. As you get established, continue to put some type of content up monthly at least. Weekly is even better.

I emphasized passion in Step 1. That gives you the energy, but you also need some basic sense. Plato speaks to the three elements of the soul as being Reason, Appetite, and Spirit. We need to address Spirit and Appetite with Reason in order to achieve the virtues of Prudence, Courage, and Moderation, which for Plato results in a well-ordered soul and the overall virtue of Justice.

I can’t read the text – Not only black text on a dark background, but light color text on white backgrounds and tiny text is a pain for people that can’t see real good.

You can also customize the toolbars to include weather reports, breaking news, radio stations and even games. This will make the viewers experience much more enjoyable and enhance their online experience. Since your logo is emblazoned on the toolbar, it reminds your subscribers as to who is responsible for their experience. Having a fun experience is important in internet marketing.

Potion of Plunder – Allows you to sometimes find extra treasure from monsters in Pandaria. There is a whole list of ‘other stuff.’ These are actually not small by any means but I feel like if you want to fully understand what they are another Hub would be needed. Wow patch 4.3 gold, Know the Changes in Mists of Pandaria these include a new Pet Battle system, PvE Challenges, Dungeon Challenges and a completely new Talent System for all 11 character classes.