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Finally, free time for me to put my feet up. My uber sexy hubby got me a gift certificate (for mother’s day) to get a pedicure at a spa. Yes at a spa and not the nail shop. Huh, did you just say what’s the difference? Are you serious! Man, do you need a lesson in self-pampering.

Most of the portable massage chairs available are made of aluminum to make them light and easy to carry. They can fold up so that they are portable on a carry case or dragged on wheels. Most of the massage chairs are just 6 kilograms which is not so heavy for any practitioner to carry around. They are great for carrying especially now when the latest trend is corporate companies hiring therapists to have employees massaged.

They even do not have any resemblance to the conventional chairs. The appearance of them is more of an exercise platform rather than a chair. A Portable How much do massage chairs cost has a small seat but instead of leaning backwards like we do when we sit you lean forwards and support your chest on padding and the head has a ring which is made of soft material. There are some pads where you put your knees.

Once Susan was able to breathe again, the realization that she had acted in an embarrassing manner hit hard. The mortification that sufferers experience after an episode often leaves long lasting effects. Explaining yourself and reassuring others is only the first part of the process. You then become obsessed with avoiding the situation that you connect to the panic attack.

Other massage supplies are DVD of Healthy Hands, Wrists and Forearms. The video is divided into six sections namely stretching exercises, dexterity and coordination, strengthening exercises, self massage techniques, pain’s body and mind approach, and a hot and cold therapy. This is a good way to theoretically learn and master the techniques. Then you can actually try it on a patient.

A very enjoyable and effective method for warming up the back is to use massage chairs. High end massage chairs offer quality massages for a fraction of the price of visiting a professional massage therapist. Some models such as the Premier Health Products PHP-2026 offer heat and vibration in addition to the standard massage functions. Heat is an excellent way to loosen back muscles before and after golf.

So that now we know that chair massage can help performance, let’s look at the benefit to the employer. You are already paying for health insurance for your employee, and possibly his/her family. Doesn’t it make sense to do something that will avoid claims before they happen. Chair massage will help avoid absenteeism, as well as making employees perform better while on the job.

This is a lifelong condition that I will never grow out of. I have to look forward to it worsening as I age. But, just like my ulcerative colitis, I know that somewhere in my struggle lies a silver lining. I haven’t yet found it but, I have faith that discovery will happen soon.