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Philadelphia is a city with a lot to offer. You can’t see even close to everything in a day, let alone some of the bigger attractions. But if you’re planning a vacation or if you’re a local who really wants to see what your city has to offer, the CityPass is a great option for you to buy. At $59 for an adult ($39 for children), the CityPass saves you close to 50 % on admissions to 6 of the city’s best attractions. You have up to 9 days to see those attractions, and you won’t have to worry about any lines. Here’s what you can get with the Philadelphia CityPass.

Love at First Bite (1979): This movie had me at “Children of the night…shut up!” George Hamilton is the only lead actor to make this list twice (see below), and the joke of a well-tanned vampire is priceless. With supporting performances from Susan Saint James, Richard Benjamin, and Arte Johnson, I just can’t seem to change the channel if I see it playing. That’s more than I can say for a lot of other vampire movies, comedy or not.

Some women may be following the wrong advice by trainers who only know how to bulk build and are only familiar with that style of training. I’ve trained this way for years with world class powerlifters and bodybuilders so I know what is involved.

1997 saw the last few Lego Pirate toy sets being released. This came as a surprise to the many fans of the famous legos pirates and their surrounding sets. These beloved sets had become one of the company’s best selling product lines. A few pirate sets have since been re-released and the pirate theme can be found in a few Lego Duplo sets as well. Captain Redbeard, also known as Captain Roger, was one of the characters in a Lego pirate set released in 1989, and he quickly became one of Lego’s most popular pirates. He and his first mate, Rummy, could often be found on a ship in the open seas doing what pirates do best. Robbing and pillaging!

Which companies will still be around selling toys in ten-years? Zaney Brainy seems to have a specialty niche although they too are getting some competition these days as well as several other copy cat type companies have popped up along with Co-Op Online Home Schooling toy sales and educational online catalogs for parents to choose from. Wal-Mart’s toy isles are getting bigger and bigger each year and I must say they have some very cool toys that were not around when we were kids don’t they? Consider all this in 2006.

Today even the paintings done by amateurs are selling well. These sorts of primitive, naive paintings are the ones people are collecting, says a Hobby Boss 135th GCT 155mm AU-F1 Step By Step Full Build consultant in Villanova, Pennsylvania. More common was it to have pets in pictures with mixed breeds. The purebred portraits were more of a collector’s item says a New York gallery owner and former director of the dog museum of America. Included in this genre were many paintings, prints, pastels and watercolors.

The Science of Gummy Worms Learn the science of gummy worms with a hands-on experiment for any age. Also, support the UMD Food Science Club by having an ice cold slushy, fresh frozen fruit or gourmet cookies.

Become a Sportscaster! The Media Performance Institute at Boston Casting, in Allston, is offering a vacation week course in becoming a sports announcer. The course is taught by Jimmy Young of NECN Sports. Cost is $400.