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Cell Phone Tracking is an emerging feature in many app stores and websites around the world today. The reasons that people seek cell phone tracking are many.

Just ask private detective about how big this is. It is what keeps many of them in business. It has been estimated that one out of every ten married couples has an unfaithful spouse.

The PI may be called to wear the hat of a Surveillance Person. Surveillance can be said to be synonymous with investigation. In the old days, this is probably the majority of the job done by private detectives.

Does he or she look professional enough? Is the office neat and organized? Are the people serious about their work while also friendly with their clients? What about their website, if any?

GPS tracking or cell tracking, whether it be Lojack or a a Nokia phone will help all of us. Think about the Police force out there and how helpful this can be now. If you are lost and can not find your way home you can call 911, even you can text the police now. Soon as few people know, you can send streaming or video that is prerecorded to 911 dispatch centers all across the country.

As for phone numbers, these exist too. There are databases of millions of phone numbers, complete with a wealth of information about the owner of the number.

It depends a lot on where a P.I. works. In less affluent areas, the scope for earning a good private investigator salary is not very high. The hours will be long and the standard of work more than likely restricted.

Cell phone records can provide you with anything and everything you wish to know about people. For instance, you can find out if they’re dating someone, and if they are, you can find out who they’re dating. You can also find out what school they attend, where they work, who their doctor is, if they’re seeing a psychiatrist, and pretty much anything you want to know.