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Do you have caller ID? If so, you probably enjoy knowing who is calling before you answer the phone. On the other hand, if you don’t subscribe to this service, you might not feel you need it or believe it will be worth the extra fee to obtain. Caller number identification isn’t for everyone, and it certainly isn’t a necessity if you own a telephone. However, it can be very useful in helping you avoid unwanted calls, and also makes learning information about unknown callers an easier task, because it provides you with the phone number you need if you would like to conduct a reverse phone search.

Rollover Minutes: When you buy your calling plan you may be given the option to go with a contract that has a rollover program. What this amounts to is, the minutes you do not use can be carried over into the next billing period. For instance, if your plan was for 500 minutes per month. If you only used 400 minutes, the carrier would allow you to carry over the 100 minutes you did not use. This program is usually only good until the end of the year. At that time you start نمبر بوك over again.

The thing about cell phones is that the companies tend to keep cell number subscriber information private so most times all you see is a number but not a name. But with these new services you can enter a number and search for personal information in seconds. These companies pay the cell phone providers to obtain this information so you will need pay a small one time fee.

Get A Phone With A Caller ID Feature- because of the advancement in technology, it is possible to get a phone that will display the caller identity. This will give you an idea of which call to accept or ignore.

A prankster or con man can call you up using a spoof card and make it look as if you are being called by your local police dept, the IRS, a local emergency room or just about anything their imagination can come up with. In fact there have even been reported instances of people using this technology to trick 911 dispatchers.

Spoof calls are easier than you think to do. All it takes is a card similar to a VOIP card which you can buy online for about $10 for an hours worth of calls. Then it is a simple case of getting access to the system and customizing your caller ID to anything that you want.

The final item you may want to consider purchasing is a headset. This allows you to talk hands free, so you can either write notes, or type during your conversation without straining your neck. I have often read that talking while standing is suggested for better phone concentration. A hands free system makes this quite easy.