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At the time of the airing, the economy was in shambles: the stock market was plummeting every day, and we were in a virtual recession with no one knowing where it would bottom out. The war in Iraq was unresolved and there was a lack of confidence and mistrust of politics and in our politicians.

By 9:00pm Rob Simmons conceded, realizing the numbers were just not there for him. He is now going to gear up to help Linda McMahon in the November elections. Linda “feared that the American dream was going to be lost. She believes smaller government is the answer not bigger government. The answer is less spending, not bail outs. Its lower taxes, not higher. She gets it and she’s lived it. Small businesses are negatively impacted”. “For the first time in decades there will be a republican candidate in Washington from CT. “David Cappiello is running her campaign. This is the first Gulf Start office she’s ever run for. Her victory speech in Cromwell was strong and positive and showing full steam ahead towards November elections against Blumenthal.

What it is, happens to be a growing trend spreading across America; the banishment of the holiday season from our public schools. Christmas, Hannukah and even Kwanzaa are not even mentioned in some schools, and if this were to become the norm, it would be a catastrophic loss we as a nation might not ever recover from. On that note… there are communities that are now asking, what Scrooge did away with the spirit of the holiday season?

Trading resumed with a 50-cent limit for gasoline. Prices stabilized, but gasoline ended down 25.69 cents. On a percentage basis, the decline was the steepest in more than two years.

On the negative side: For some time now, crude oil and the stock market have walked hand in hand. Equity prices and crude oil prices have been correlated to the political communications company upside with higher oil indicating a risk on willingness to speculate.

With any round the world trip planner technique comes an element of pinning the tail on the donkey. Such is the scope of embarking on a project of this size that without proper research beforehand your round the world trip planner efforts will end up a big mess.

Call your senators and inform them of your opinion against war action with Iran. Speak out and make it clear that you will not vote for a presidential candidate who endorses war.