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Do you remember the TV show called “The Six Million Dollar Man”? The 1970’s show was about an astronaut who had bio-implants that gave him super-human type powers! Little did I realize that one day my husband would receive computerized implants!

Make your hands clean at all times, washing it with soap and water and making sure you have washed long enough to make it clean. You can also wash with alcohol or hand sanitizer right after washing. If you cannot wash your hands, then try to bring alcohol or and sanitizer with you. This may be one of those simple tips to avoid swine flu but is also one of the most ignored.

Pain and sickness are simply death in slow motion. Accidents and injuries and suicide attempts are just more obvious and quicker expressions of the same malady.

Not all masks dry and harden but many do. That causes your skin’s blood vessels to expand which improves the blood circulation to your skin’s surface and that leaves you with a much improved skin tone, which leaves you glowing and completely refreshed.

surgical masks? I suggest surgical masks because they simply filter bacteria more effectively that just a regular mask would. A surgical mask would be handy in a plane full of Mexican pig farmers, wouldn’t it.

Collagen will then grow in the wrinkled areas so as to tighten skin. It is a 1-hour treatment that is quite costly with a price range of $1000 to $5000 for every treatment. Once one undergoes Thermage, the skin swells and becomes reddish with blisters. These go away after a few days.

The smartest possible action you can take is to wash your hands every couple of hours and then sanitize them with hand sanitizer. By far, the most common way to transmit the flu, or any virus for that matter, is through contact with your hands. Unfortunately, most of us put our hands near our mouth, most of the time unknowingly, and then they have the flu. By making sure your hands are always clean, not only are you protecting yourself, but you’re protecting others from whatever germs you may be carrying.

Therefore you need to fight it back by massaging your face and your neck using an upward motion. When you put on facial cleansers or moisturizers, always massage them on your face and neck in an upward stroke.