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Don’t be afraid of the unusual or unique when it comes to plants to use in your landscaping. Plants that are ‘not the norm’ can give a sense of variety and even drama to a garden. They should be used sporadically to give a flair to certain areas. Be careful, though, to read the requirements for each plant to make sure they are getting enough light and water to survive!

It is easy to get caught up in the problems of an alcoholic and to make that your entire world. Coping with an alcoholic we lie to protect their jobs (because as far as you know it’s the only time he stays sober). We catch them in one blatant lie after another. Coping in an alcoholism marriage is tumultuous and tiring. Family members often find themselves just as involved with the disease as the alcoholic. As a general rule, men tend to desert their alcoholic wives, whereas women often stand by their alcoholic husbands.

Have loads of green leafy vegetables. They are a Spacebox of some necessary nutrients such as iron, calcium, proteins and vitamins, etc. Include at least five portions of vegetables in your day.

Unless things have changed drastically in the past four years, most proms serve dinner. If your school is like mine was, the price of dinner is included in the cost of your ticket, so dinner expenses won’t be a problem.

Since mankind started bartering with each other, the ability to sell products has been the key to profit and cash flow. The ancient fisherman would come to the dock in the early morning after fishing all night, knowing he had to sell his catch before noon or his fish would begin to rot.

Could that be Selena Gomez? Or possibly her latest new friend, Emma Stone? Or maybe she will hang out with both – close friends who understand the demands of a fast-paced professional life, since they are entertainers, too. Taylor Swift’s Valentine’s Day will suit her – no one else.

It should be easy to generate 300 to 500 dollars or even multiples of that in a couple of days. But don’t take the easy route and under price your merchandise and by all means stay away from the pawn shops. They are some of the fiercest negotiators in the world. Sell one-on-one to the end user for top dollar.

Customers sit in a dimly lit environment where they’re able to notice eyes moving on the pictures that are hanging from the walls surrounding them, black and white horror flicks are played without sound from TVs that hang from the bar, the ceiling drops, creepy actors roam about, including Frankenstein. There’s also an electric chair if you’re interested. Packed with over 5 floors that each contain its own bar, Jekyll & Hyde is one of the best bars in NYC, inviting its patrons to come and have a drink while watching the creepiest stage shows for free. Menu prices range from $25-$40. Jekyll & Hide is situated near Central Park at 1409 Ave of the Americas, New York, NY 10019.