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It used to be that if you knew what a router or what wireless was, you were a bit of a computer geek. But now most of us can speak with some authority about routers, switches, firewalls, and Ethernet cards, and an array of other things that previously seemed like a whole other world of computer jargon.

If you were a bad guy and you wanted to break into your company’s corporate network, how would you go about doing it? Considering that companies have had enough time to secure their corporate networks from people breaking in from the outside, you’d probably do the next best thing: try to break in from the inside.

A friend was telling me about the best day of his life. It was the day that he lost his job during the last recession. At the time, he didn’t think it was the best day of his life. But losing his job set him up to be stretched and challenged, and forced him to grow in so many ways that he could not have imagined. After much soul searching, my friend decided to strike out on his own, become his own boss. And today, as an Network Security online marketer, he can’t even imagine what his life would be like if he still had his old job.

That’s all fine and good until you, the IT Manager, comes along. Even though you lead a team of IT professionals, for a couple of very important reasons you may be your company’s single greatest security threat. The first of these reasons is simply because you know too much. In your head is a lot of information that both hackers and your company’s competition would love to get their hands on.

Although your firm may have an IT team dedicated to free booter, it is still the responsibility of every IT Leader to lend a hand in helping to keep the bad guys out.

Let’s talk about feeling secure, or security, for a moment. First of all, let me state that you will never find conviction, you will never find security, and you will never feel secure, if you look for these outside of yourself. There isn’t anything else. So don’t look outside. Don’t look for an upline or a downline to give you security. Don’t look to the MLM company or a new release of products for security. That’s not where security lies.

What mentioned above are just my personal methods to keep our internet banking safe. I sincerely hope that everyone can use the Internet banking safely and freely. It will be appreciate if you can share your personal methods with us.