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Wednesday was not only April Fools Day, it was also National Fun at Work Day. While I find it somewhat funny that the two share the same day, I also find it very poignant. We are always being told to “Do you what you love.” It took me a long time to finally escape from the proverbial rat race, but I am so relieved that I did.

I love being at the First national National Wealth Center Amphitheatre on a warm summer night being on your feet dancing when the tone changes as a slow heartfelt song plays while the sun is setting and a slight breeze comes though. That’s what I think of when I hear Home and other songs I’ve seen performed there.

Earth, sometimes with dramatic consequences. And we could visit Mars–probably the ultimate destination for humans this century. Mars used to be a lot more like the Earth than it is today: warmer, wetter–habitable in places. Was there ever life there? Is there still life there? Robots going to Mars can do spectacular and amazing things but to solve the biggest mysteries about Mars will almost certainly National Wealth Center require people.

Experienced investors are making lots of money this way and it is all tax free. Qualified distributions are never taxed. You paid taxes on the contributions that you have made over the years, so once you retire, regardless of your annual distributions, they are tax-free.

Western states were not so fortunate. In Wisconsin, 41 of the state’s 111 banks went out of business. In response, the Wisconsin Bankers’ Association announced it would guarantee currency issued by the remaining banks.

At the end of the lease term there is still more good news. If the Tenant/Buyer decides to purchase the property then you make an additional $10,000-$15,000 (this is an average, but we have more from the Back-end sale of a transaction) equity earnings at the settlement (Back-end profits).

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