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If you are trying to grow your business, increase membership, or attract sponsors, you are marketing. How effective are your marketing efforts? Do you have a current, viable plan, or are you throwing product information into the universe and hoping that someone will call?

You need to use the best available products for your wedding make up. Sub standard products may blotch your skin and result in patchy pictures. Every bride hopes to sport clear, bright skin during her wedding.

With the different styles of wedding photography currently prevalent, it is important that the couple decide before hand which style they want. They can choose a professional photographer who is an expert in that style, whether it is traditional style that involves a lot of ‘sit-still poses’ with the couple as well as their families and friends, photojournalistic style that comprises the ‘narration’ of the whole events where the photos are taken without making others conscious about it or contemporary style that involved curious angles and interesting backgrounds and poses.

Look for ways to provide value added. Know that you are the expert in your field, and you have a lot of relevant knowledge that would be interesting to other people that are looking for information. For example, if you are a siena wedding photographer, don’t only provide information about your services and costs. Think about what type of information a bride would be searching for – checklists, decorating ideas, ideas for photo poses, etc. If you provide a few tips, you’ll be a resource to the bride, and she’ll be more likely to think of you when she’s ready to book the photographer!

First, to calm the bride. You have a real advantage. This is because there’s something really wrong – and that’s something you probably will not be anything remotely high. Maybe the flowers are not ‘exactly’ what you had in mind. Maybe there is not a place card in one of your guests. Maybe your dress rubbed against something, and there is little sign. Maybe one of your family members is always annoying, surprise surprise, being annoying. Maybe after five days of sunshine in a row, it’s pouring rain. And so on… But you calm the bride, so you roll with the punches, more attuned to the bigger picture – And it’s true, you’re marrying the love of his life. So, you take it all at ease and enjoy your special day.

You can also discuss the special effects that you want in the particular photo, like if you want a particular photo in black &white then discuss in prior with the photographer. Here he can also suggest you which special effect will be best for the moment according to his expertise. There shoot be everything clear between you and the photographer before the event.

Wedding photos are not meant to make a portfolio for a modelling career. Hence, make sure you don’t look stiff in the attempt to look good. Of course, on your wedding pictures you have to look good. But wedding is more about happiness and fun. Hence, be happy and keep smiling while the snaps are taken (and beauty will automatically follow). Even if you look funny in some of them it is alright. Years later funny images are more cherished than posing ones.