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If you are apprehensive and don’t want to jump head first into internet marketing then one way of dipping your toe in the water is to set up throw away websites.

Although there are numbers floating around that there are something like forty million WordPress websites, WordPress does a great job at not being noticed. In fact, you’re probably been to many websites and never realized that it was powered by WordPress. A Telles looks just like any other website.

Wickett Twitter Widget – Want to make the most of the sidebar of your blog? Now you can with the Wickett Twitter Widget, which allows you to showcase your tweets directly on your blog.

WordPress is what’s known as an open-source platform. That means that anyone can develop new things for WordPress, such as themes, plugins, widgets and other things that give WordPress sites more functionality. And all of those things must adhere to the strict standards of the WordPress Codex.

When or if you have more content you will have more visitors and your business will grow faster. A 100 page blog or website will beat a 10 page website in traffic 90% of the time. A 500 page website will even do better. So the aim should be to build a strategy that builds content on a continuous basis.

Just like Web Designers and Graphics Designers those who specialize in Optimization and SEO Copywriting have grown very accustomed to the high fees they can charge for this service. Now before you get upset with me if you are such a businessperson, please keep reading.

When you’re a complete newbie to website building and SEO I realize that there are a lot of options and it can seem overwhelming. But, don’t get bogged down in this foolish SEO debate. Simply build it, backlink it, tweak it…and you will rank eventually if you stick with your promotional and back linking campaign.