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Most people assume that beautiful pictures are taken by great photographers with very good, very expensive photography equipment. While that may be true most of the time, it is not true all of the time. Beautiful pictures can be turned out by nearly anyone with a camera, expensive or not, with a little forethought. In fact, thinking before you snap might be the main key to creating that master piece to hang on the wall.

These two series of books – the Kodak photography series and the series of books by John Hedgecoe will transform your photography. Another book you can look up is the Joy of Photography.

Another very lucrative areas of work for those starting out in DC event photographers is portrait work. Many people find a need to have a good portrait shot of themselves at some point. These could be for their resume or to create a personal portfolio. You can easily and quickly start this section of your business by using friends and relatives. Very quickly, referrals will start flowing in from satisfied customers. This is the best chance to turn photography into a business.

Why would I get a photographer? Everybody and their dog has a camera (even cell phones pictures are creeping up in the ‘megapixel’ race). The snapshots from guests will suffice.

Hire a web designer. Just like other jobs, you can hire someone else to build the site for you. Generally, people who build websites are called web designers. But if you envision a long term goal for the site, hiring someone else may not be the best decision. Why is it so? It is because web designers only design and build websites. They are not the ones who drive traffic for your site. Aside from that, you need to understand that building and constructing a website does not mean that it would ensure you of a flourishing as well as money-making event photography website.

One good idea for inexpensive lessons is to come up with a small group, look for a place that do not require any fees such as parks and is not out of town or too far for cheap commute, utilize the whole day, and talk to a great photographer who is willing to teach for free or small fee that you and your other buddies can share. I have seen some of my friends do this thing on a regular basis. They even hire models where they also spilt the fee.

If the event that you photographed was held at a local business, all you have to do is put up a flyer near the cash register, or place your postcards there. Most business owners will be willing to work with you as long as you are polite and explain yourself. Remember, if people had a good time at their event, and you got some good photos of it, that means repeat business for both of you. If the establishment has a bulletin board, they will probably direct you to post your ad there. In this case, you will want to pin more than one to the board so that people can take one home.