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The LASIK procedure has a relatively rapid recovery period. There are, however, certain things that you should avoid to guarantee good healing.

The following are general instructions to follow after having Lasik surgery:

Avoid Rubbing your eyes.

Your hinged flap is folded back to access the cornea during Lasik surgery and then replaced without suturing. If you rub or touch your eyes, the corneal flap may shift, causing serious difficulties. So, for at least two weeks after surgery, don’t rub your eyes.

Avoid eye makeup as much as possible.

After the procedure, you should refrain from wearing eye makeup for at least one week. Applying creams or lotions around the eyes is not a good idea. This eliminates the possibility of a corneal flap injury, foreign particles entering your eyes, or illness from contaminated cosmetic items.

Avoid Showers.

After the procedure, you must refrain from showering or swimming for at least two weeks. To avoid infection, avoid getting water, soap, or shampoo in your eyes.

Avoid exposure to UV Rays.

UV rays can cause scarring and regressive changes in the eye. Therefore, for at least a week after the surgery, you must wear dark sunglasses during the day. This aids in the healing of your cornea and protects your eyes from strong light.

Avoid participating in any sports activity.

After your Lasik surgery, you should refrain from participating in any vigorous or contact sports for one month. If you feel comfortable, you can resume non-contact sports like golf or running. Avoid getting sweat in your eyes by wearing a headband and wearing protective eyewear.

Avoid going out without an eye shield.

On the first day, don’t take off the protective eye shield. After laser vision correction, your eyes are still extremely sensitive.

Avoid getting your eyes dirty.

Keep your eyes clear of dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. If you get something in your eyes, use artificial tears to clean it out. You may eliminate anything in your eyes without touching them with this procedure.

Avoid driving whenever possible.

You should not drive for at least two days after the surgery if possible. It is contingent on how well your eyes are healing.

Avoid water going in your eyes.

For the next two weeks, try to avoid getting water in your eyes. Prescription eye drops and artificial tears are the only things you should put in your eyes.

Avoid going to the swimming pool.

For three weeks, don’t go swimming. Swimming pools, hot tubs, and the ocean all have bacteria levels that should be avoided at all costs.

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