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Crackdown 2 is the game exclusively for Xbox 360. It is a GTA like game published by Microsoft Game Studios. The previous game Crackdown was released 3 years back. The player will simply be called as ‘Agent’. Roam around the open World to get missions from the toughest bosses. The new power called the agility skill will increase during each level which allows the player to jump to greater height.

A successful new mutants online film has been released a few years ago about the life of Robert Crumb creator of Fritz the Cat. Robert Crumb also created Zap and Mr. Natural (I’ve seen original Mr. Natural artwork prominently displayed framed on my best friend’s Fathers’ wall. (A Psychiatrist by profession in the early 1970’s).

Mr. Lodge, father of Archie’s heartthrob veronica, is often seen at home enjoying a simple life despite his vast wealth. The only thing with him is that he’s grouchy all of the time. It seems like this cranky old man just can’t stand to see anyone have any fun. His one pleasure seems to be spoiling his beloved daughter absolutely rotten. Do you see a mother in this picture? Also, note how he only barely tolerates Archie dating Veronica with the most grating grudge. Replace “daughter” with “sugar babe” and you have a very familiar story.

More & more “readers and collectors” abhor this wanton greed and unfairness in the comic book marketplace to their pocketbooks and sense of right. They want quality not just quantity.

Now what have we in store for little boys – let’s see maybe batman striking fear into the hearts of the unjust or GI Joe snake eyes, maybe you would like to be one of the transformers or even become one of the Harry Potter characters. Even better what about Spiderman. And no one escapes from commander fox or do you want to save the watch the new mutants online?

If you arrange for minions… Um… Security guards to be at the party. Get them into the spirit as well by having them dressed with a cursory shirt marked as security. Make sure you feed them too. A minion marches on their stomach… Not a pretty sight but fun to watch… Mwah hahahahha.!! I am mentioning this again but make sure that you get a list of food that your guests are allergic to (check with the minions as well,… Hey, you employ them, there your minions!). This way you can be sure that the food you order or make will be safe for everyone.

In the last installment of the X-Men series the character Phoenix is introduced. Phoenix is the re-birth of Jean Grey that turns into a destroying machine. The movie also follows the plot line that a pharmaceutical company discovers a cure to take away abilities from mutants. The conflict arises to who should take the medicine and who should not. The movie comes to a climatic end when Phoenix kills her once love Cyclops. Wolverine then jumps in to save Phoenix from destroying everyone. The movie ends with the fact that Wolverine must contemplate joining the X-Men on a more permanent basis.

But she scored exceptionally well in the “Strong Believer” criterion because I admired how she has never stopped loving Cyclops. Even though, I secretly wished she get together with Wolverine or Archangel instead.