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Are you concerned about losing weight? Are you having a hard time finding the right regimen for you? Let me tell you about something that a friend of mine discovered recently.

Earl Grey. This is a widely known type of black tea. You can make your own earl grey by adding fragrant citrus oil to normal black tea. The oil is extracted from the crust of the bergamot orange, a unique citrus fruit grown mainly in Italy and France.

There are meany health and weight loss benefits attributed to green tea. Use honey or any other natural sweetener for added flavor in the matcha green tea. Black tea also has healthy ingredients. It also has a lot of antioxidants that help rid your system of toxins, along with boosting your immunity.

Word for the day: INCORRUPTIBILITY. Interesting word, with a great etymology and many historic, even theological meanings and usages. Give your brain a half-hour of exercise, and look it up. Your brain will thank you, many years from now.

Then Patricia’s sister told her how in the aged nursing facility she worked at, they gave the elderly patients pear juice to keep their bowel movements soft and flowing through. So Patricia tried this home treatment of hemorrhoids by juicing a fresh pear and drinking the juice. She did this every two to three days, as she didn’t want to overdo it!

Constipation can also cause a person to feel like they are stretched out and that their stomach is full and bloated. Drinking plenty of water can keep everything moving through the system and keep it flushed so that constipation does not occur. In the event that water does not help, a stool softener can be used to get things moving again.

Really the possibilities are endless, but eating right is the first step to getting on track to having healthy skin. Don’t forget the most important ingredient of all – water. It keeps your skin hydrated and blemish free.