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If you’re just buying a new home finding a good home inspector is a big part of the home buying process. So how do you find one if you are new to a certain area?

The chattanooga home inspector will also check out to see if their problems with your heating and air conditioning system. Some people think it’s enough just to change the air filters, but this is not true. He will look to find out if the system has been properly serviced and maintained. He will also check to make sure that your furnace burner works properly. He will check for gas leaks because it’s important to prevent any carbon monoxide build up. Carbon monoxide is a deadly poison.

Does he sound interested and organized? Does he provide you with a report at the time of inspection or does he thoughtfully put one together and deliver it the next day?

If the home inspection turns up a few minor flaws, you should be able to negotiate a solution well before the closing. It’s perfectly acceptable for a seller to offer a cash settlement at the closing table to cover the cost of the repairs. Be aware that this cash settlement must be approved by your lender. The seller can’t give you money at the closing without the lender knowing about it.

Opinions will vary greatly on what problems should be dealt with immediately and which ones can be dealt with later, if at all. How much money will need to be spent now as opposed to later. Your inspector will provide you with guidance, but you should get a second opinion on major areas of concern.

In hurricane prone areas, Your inspector will check garage doors, particularly single doors on two-car garages, to see if the assembly (door and track) has been tested for hurricane wind loads. Has it been reinforced?

It takes a while to get your home inspection business going. No one wants to the first one to give your services a try. Understandable. To get you home inspection business going you will need to learn how to market yourself. This is not taught well in the programs I have seen.

Home buying is complex and involves large amounts of money. It is wise to carefully select the needed advisors to guide you during this emotional and stressful process. Don’t be lazy in your search. Don’t be intimidated by the “experts” such as realtors. Don’t rely solely on their recommendation for attorney and inspector. Their interests may not be the same as yours. Be informed and understand who you are dealing with while making these life changing decisions.